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Social Media in the Classroom

After the previous two weeks readings, I’ve been thinking a lot about ways to use social media on a college campus and how we have been using it for this particular class.  I think our class is an extreme situation obviously, because our main focus is getting our hands dirty with the social networks and [...]

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Users More Engaged on Fridays

I thought this article from Mashable discussing two new research studies about social media users being more engaged on Thursdays and Fridays, was quite appropriate for our class and also because it’s Friday!  Some of the ideas as to why that is differ.  One theory is that there may be fewer tweets on Friday, so [...]

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Twitter/Facebook Divide

Thursday, Mashable wrote an article about a new study that came out that stated nearly half of all Americans are using Facebook.  That’s a pretty astronomical number, and it is probably very much in line with many of the studies we’ve been reading for class that are a few years old, but show how Facebook [...]

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