This is the course blog for Dr. Reynol Junco’s LART698: Social Media in Higher Education course. This course will provide an overview of the role of social media (such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, youTube, etc.) in higher education. We will use a research-based focus to explore issues such as the relationship between technology use and psychosocial and educational outcomes, digital inequalities in technology use, information quality (including information overload), and issues of civil discourse. With the professor’s guidance, students will explore quantitative research on how technology can aid and detract from the college experience with the ultimate goal of being able to describe, design, and evaluate strategies for effective uses of social media in a higher education setting. Students will be expected to challenge each other and the professor based on their critical examinations of course readings, interpersonal, and intrapersonal reflection. Furthermore, students will engage in a hands-on approach and use social media in order to communicate with each other and participate in online communities of practice.

  • http://twitter.com/RukshanFr Rukshan Fernando

    just found your blog – excellent stuff, thanks!

  • Laura D.

    I just found and subscribed to your blog. Lots of interesting posts! Looking forward to future articles.

  • http://www.kellimarshall.net/unmuzzledthoughts Kelli Marshall

    Hi, Rey — For the past couple of years, I’ve also incorporated Twitter in the (film) classroom. Some attempts have been successful and others, well, not so much. I’ve several write-ups here if interested: http://kellimarshall.net/unmuzzledthoughts/category/twitter-classroom/

    In any event, I just wanted to say hello and, moreover, ask why I can’t locate your Twitter ID anywhere on your blog?! =)

  • Susan Genden

    Just found this – I agree. Excellent blog!

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    Excellent keep it up

  • Jburkart

    Wow, I was about to turn in the first three chapters of my dissertation when I stumbled across your page and research. My dissertation is on Facebook and engagement when combined with other university retention programs (first-year seminar and living learning community). I am using the NSSE as my instrument along with Ellison, Lampe, and Steinfield’s Facebook Intensity Scale. I am so happy to have read your recent study on Facebook and engagement, especially since you also used the NSSE.

  • Ramil Sanchez

    Thanks doc rey! I have the same interest, May i use some of your works?

  • Burnett6

    I have been following you now for years. In my dissertation phase and using Twitter for engagement in and outside the classroom and using backchannelling during lectures. I start the quantitative portion in the fall. Thanks for all you inspiration.

  • http://blog.reyjunco.com/ Rey Junco

    Thank you for the kind comment! I look forward to hearing more about your research! 

  • http://blog.reyjunco.com/ Rey Junco

    Of course, as long as you cite my papers in a standard academic format or follow the attribution rules of the CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

  • Latifa Albloushi

    Hi ..
    am do Master of interactive educational technologies.. am now working on my dissertation which is about using social media (twitter) in particular to support social presence in online education..
    am glad i found this blog. 
    I would like to use some of the information provided here 


  • http://blog.reyjunco.com/ Rey Junco

    Good luck! Feel free to use what you find on here. Please cite my papers in a standard academic format or follow the attribution rules of the CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License for my blog content.

  • http://www.bellevue.edu/ Mary Madsen

    I like the way you think. I especially like the mention the students that felt more comfortable reaching out to you via instant messenger. Great observation. 

  • http://blog.reyjunco.com/ Rey Junco

    Thanks. It was one of the observations the fueled my interest in this research area. 

  • tim

    Hi Rey
    I was in attendance at the ICT2012 Conference at the Open University of Hong Kong where you gave your virtual keynote address today (July 6 2012). I thought the results of your study were provocative (I take your conclusion to be that students making purposeful use of Twitter in one of their classes were more engaged, got better grades in all their classes, and continued their studies in greater numbers than students in the control group who hadn’t used Twitter). The results, I have to say, were difficult to believe, but since, as you said, there were no other obvious variables to explain the differences in performance I really think you should continue your interesting work and repeat the experiment, and/or encourage others do follow up on your work.

    I just wanted to say that although I had no question to ask during the question time after your keynote, I did in fact really enjoy your presentation and I hope you keep up the interesting research.

    Tim Maraun
    Editor, Educational Technology and Publishing Unit
    The Open University of Hong Kong

  • http://blog.reyjunco.com/ Rey Junco

    Tim, thanks for your message. I appreciate your feedback. I should have also mentioned that I am seeking funding to expand my work. Specifically, I’d like to compare the effect of different social technologies (Facebook, Twitter, LMSs) on various academic outcomes (multiple measures of engagement, grades, retention, and social & academic integration). Stay tuned… 

  • http://www.bellevue.edu/security-management/ Mary Madsen

    The research you’re doing is so interesting Rey. I’ve been wondering about how social media affects college students as well. It’s amazing how something as simple as AOL instant messenger could help introverted students open up more in class discussions. I guess this allowed them to “break the ice” with you outside of the classroom in a way they felt comfortable with. Really cool. 

  • Laura

    Hello my name is Laura Strong and I am preparing to write my dissertation for my Ed.D doctoral project. I am focusing on social media and the impact on education. As I work on my doctoral committee assignment form I did some research and came across this site? I hope to engage and find interesting concepts to add to my research project. 

  • http://blog.reyjunco.com/ Rey Junco

    Good luck Laura. I look forward to hearing about your research. 

  • Drenami

    You say your intrest in this field of study began as you taught you first class after graduating. Just out of sheer curiosity, if you don’t mind me asking, what was the class?

  • Maria Eulaica Floren Raya

    I’m Laica, a Filipino, currently writing my thesis on facebook usage, personality types and academic performance of secondary students. I’m very glad when i read your blog. It would really help me in my study. I hope I could adopt your questionnaire. Rest assured I will include your work in my citations!
    Maraming Salamat! (Filipino greeting for Thank You!)
    With appreciation,

  • Kani Bassey

    I am currently cleaning up my concept paper to prepare for my dissertation: The Institutional Effectiveness of Social Media Strategies on Student Engagement in Maryland Community Colleges
    I have purchased your most recent book and plan to follow your blog and research!