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Because we no longer have to go to the library and rifle through book after book, article after article, magazine after magazine, (I think you are starting to see a pattern here!) we need to make sure as we browse through the hundreds of website links that apper on a search engine on any given subject that the materials we choose to believe and use are backed by credible resources, individuals, and organizations that demonstrate the presentation of factual materials.  There are so many websites today that post information without having verified or checked that what they have posted is, in fact, the truth.  It is our job to make sure the research and information is legitimate.  We can do that by: 1) focusing on the writer – do they have credentials?  Are they certified?  Do they have first-hand knowledge of the information?; 2) Are the sources the writer used legitimate?  Do those writers have the aforementioned criteria?; 3) is there an institution of higher education associated with the writer or the information? If so, where is it located?  Is it a reputable institution?; 4) Is a company or organization who is also familiar with the information mentioned?

If we take the time to research what we are researching, chances are that we will be given a valuable site full of information and knowledge on our topic so that we may create a report, presentation, or speech that displays all the characteristics of good research.  No site can automatically get the “legitimate” stamp without a little bit of research.  So many site creators are good at creating legitimate-looking websites, but the individual has to examine the site to verify that it really is legitimate.  That is our job.  I think it is a small price to pay for having such a plethora of information at our fingertips today.

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