Five traditional evaluation criteria and their application to web resources

This Monday we discussed information quality, so I decided to develop this topic a little bit more in my blog. I tried to find some information online and in order to find good quality information I did my search in a Google Scholar. Moreover, from all the articles I chose a copy of a book that was actually printed in 1999. The Book is called “‪Web wisdom: how to evaluate and create information quality on the Web” and it is written by Janet E. Alexander and Marsha Ann Tate (unfortunately only a small part of the book is available online).

The authors of the book suggest “five traditional evaluation criteria and their application to web resources” such as: authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, and coverage. These criteria normally used to evaluate print, can be also applied to the information on the web.

We can determine authority of the information based on the author’s reputation or publisher, in our case publisher will be a particular web site. We can find out the ‘authority’ of the web site by looking at when it was created or how often it is updated. However, we usually come across the information without any references, which makes it really hard to find out the authority of the source as well as its accuracy.

Objectivity is another criterion that is really difficult to determine without an additional research. We should always keep in mind the possible subjectivity of the information, until we do at least some research in other sources.

We can also determine the coverage of the web site by looking at all the information it contains and whether it is specifically deals with the information presented there.

I’m not sure about the currency though and how it can be applied to the information on the web. Maybe I can pose it as my question to you!

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