Users More Engaged on Fridays

I thought this article from Mashable discussing two new research studies about social media users being more engaged on Thursdays and Fridays, was quite appropriate for our class and also because it’s Friday!  Some of the ideas as to why that is differ.  One theory is that there may be fewer tweets on Friday, so they’re more likely to get read and discussed.  Another states that people are ready for the weekend and engaging with friends to see what they are up to with their days off.  In relation to higher education, what does this mean for educators and students?

One thing that can be done, is that educators can use this knowledge to intercept students who are drifting into weekend mode and capture their attention back to the coursework.  Maybe professors can post reminders about coursework to a Facebook group for the class.  Or the instructor may ask students to share fun facts about the course materials on Twitter on Fridays, they can use a special hashtag or use the #funfactfriday which was a popular Twitter meme at one point.  They may also join in the #FridayReads meme where Twitter users share what they’re reading for the weekend.  The possibilities of utilizing memes for class can go on, but I think if the instructors are creative and engaging with their use, the message will be well received by students.

Knowing the times when students are using and not using social media is a powerful advantage instructors and educators can embrace.  The Mashable article also states that Monday’s are the worst time to post because there is too much noise.  You want your message to stand out to the students without being annoying or spammy.  You don’t want to post the same questions or tasks a hundred times to reach students, but you want to be sure you are being heard.  I think it’s a fine line to walk, but the only way to find out what works and what doesn’t, is to try new ways and adapt them as you go.  It’s also helpful when you have research like these studies to assist you in making those choices.


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