Types of Learners

For this week’s blog I thought long and hard about learning using web based activities in the classroom. To research if this was a positive or negative way of using the internet I wanted to find out in what ways people learn. According to www.lyceumbooks.com, there are four types of learning styles. They are visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, and read-write learners.  The explanations of each type of learning are as follows.

Visual learners: learn from demonstrations and visually pleasing material. They learn from painting images in their mind and recalling them later on. Visual learners learn by seeing and visualizing

Auditory learners: learn from organized conversation and hearing information. They learn by listening and verbalizing what they hear. They think in a linear manner.

Kinesthetic learners: Learn by using all their senses. Enjoy the hands on approach to learning and learn by trial and error. They learn best from case examples that can be though about and discussed.

Read-Write learners: Enjoy information that is displayed. They learn from text based input and output. They learn from reading and rewriting their notes.

From learning about these styles, I noticed something. I noticed that the method of teaching in todays classrooms is archaic. Teachers in middle school and high school are still lecturing to a class and expecting them to write notes and understand the material, yet this style of teaching is only catering to the student who is a read-write learner. We are leaving out three out of the four styles due to how we have been doing things for years.

The internet can change all this. Students can use the internet to learn in a variety of ways. One student can use graphs and diagrams to explain the material and another student can listen to a YouTube video explaining the lesson. I think it is about time that teachers embraced the different learning styles of their students and tailored their lesson to different learners. School is currently tailored to the read-write student, and other students are made to feel that there is something wrong with them, when that is not the case. The truth is, they just learn differently.

By tailoring what we teach, teachers will begin to see students who once did poorly, rising to the occasion because they are finally being taught in a way that makes sense to them.


The teachers credo:

What I hear, I forget.

What I hear and see, I remember a little.

What I hear, see, and ask questions about or discuss with

someone else, I begin to understand.

What I hear, see, discuss, and do, I acquire knowledge and skill.

What I teach to another, I master. (Silberman, 1996, p. 1)

I think this sheds light on how students can effectively learn. I believe the internet can assist in all these different aspects of learning.

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