Tweeting and Twittering for education

I haven’t had much experience with the whole Twitter fad and what it is all about, but I do know that a lot of people not only use Twitter to communicate with others, but they use Twitter to allow others to communicate with them, as well.  Twitter can link total strangers to one another as long as they share a common interest.  Ordinary, common folks can follow the “tweets” of celebrity singers, actors, and musicians, as well as politicians, teachers, and scientists.  Twitter is a way that a person can keep up with someone or something and feel “in-the-know” even if they do not personally know the person they are receiving information about.  This is the part that confuses me about this process, and it is probably because I haven’t used Twitter enough yet.  This type of communication would definitely have advantages, such as reaching out to individuals who were interested in something someone else was interested about but they didn’t know each other or didn’t live close enough to chat.  I am curious, though, how this type of communication would play out in an educational environment.  What would the advantages or disadvantages to this type of communication be, and would it benefit one group more than another?

The following is a link to a study that was conducted at the University of Texas at Dallas, by Professor Monica Rankin in 2009 with her history students and Professor Reynol Junco’s recent study “which saw students in a first-year seminar course who used Twitter for educationally relevant activities outside of class achieve a higher GPA than the control group.”   Professor Junco’s own experience with Twitter turned out to be a positive outcome towards education and interpersonal relations.  Twitter was used for everything from calendar reminders to class discussions and group projects, to study groups and course communication.

I do believe that if everyone had access to a tool such as Twitter, i

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