After last weeks discussion regarding privacy I began to wonder just how “open” my life was to outside visitors. I have three email accounts that I use and one primary SNS (Facebook). I am curious as to how this can equate to breaches in my privacy. I rarely use Twitter and have had a Myspace account previously. I am sure my internet life and history could be tracked pretty easily through following my sign in names and email addresses that I have. I always attempt to tweak my security settings to allow people I know and accept to see portions of my information and profile but keep it hidden from outside observers.

Privacy and cyber security is something which really is in the media a great deal. The worrying aspects of this are that concerns are being raised in these areas. The positive side of this issue is that there is a level of increased awareness which people can use. I am actually going to spend some time this week looking into my personal internet securityand privacy and see if there are things which can be enhanced. I am sure there are many thing which can be done in order to keep my information safe.

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