Educating Ourselves about Online Privacy

There are so many people today, young and old, who are linked to friends, family members, and co-workers/acquaintances through social media websites such as MySpace and Facebook.  An article written by James Grimmelmann, titled, “Saving Facebook,” discusses the policies and privacy statements associated with sites, such as these, and gives suggestions and ideas of how individuals can take out the risk of personal information being used wrongly.  In his article, Grimmelmann makes a statement that really stood out for me.  He said, “Education, however, needs to be rooted in the communities it targets.  When outsiders try to lecture on the dangers of Facebook, they often end up talking past the groups that they’re trying to reach.”  This is very true of high school students who are trying to be independent and have a place they can communicate with friends without parent involvement.   If there is a way to give students the safety and security information they need in regards to Internet privacy, adults need to find that way so the kids do not feel lectured and invaded in a negative way.  Adults, though, should know that public sites such as these could reveal personal information to the wrong people and I believe it is okay to be more direct in identifying potential problems with sharing personal information with anyone who logs on.

Kids today need the trust of adults and teachers and if we educate them by not talking “down” to them, I believe they are more likely to respect the individuals they are sharing with and they will be a little more reserved with what they actually share.

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