Some observations after our 2nd week readings..

Our first readings gave me some basic information about SNSs and their development. I have been on the non-user side of the digital divide until I turned 14 years old. Please, don’t jump to conclusions calling Russia a developing country. We are quiet developed and our digital divide has shrunk a lot over the last few years.

Nowadays, I cannot imagine my life without all these modern technologies that we have. However from all the most common technologies used by students that were listed in Dr. Junco’s article I only use the Internet, e-mail, and social networking Web sites. My SNSs are limited to Facebook and sort of Russian version of Facebok called All these technology seem enough to me, since they already consume many hours of my daily routine.

I believe that student affairs professionals should be able to adapt and use new technology. You just have to stay up to date if you work in the educational environment. Lack of technology competency of the student affairs professionals creates a gap between them and students. This gap is in a way a digital divide that Barry Wellman was talking in his article. Although, this digital divide is created not by the lack of access to the technology but rather by the lack of understanding of its importance.

However, the possible educational goals of using some SNSs, especially Facebook, are not clear for me. And if somebody could take his/her time to explain me Facebook’s educational goals or to convince that there are such, I would appreciate it.

Although I really liked Mendeley, especially its Library feature. I think that using Mendeley when I just have started my Capstone research would have helped me a lot to organize all the information I found online. There are many other web sites that have tools one can use in educational purpose. I hope this course will help me to discover some of them.

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About Uzhegova Dina

I was born and raised in Kemerovo, Russia. I came to the United States for the first time in the fall of 2006, as an exchange student. I have a BA Degree in International Studies from LHU and I am currently in my last semester of MLA program.