the workplace…

Last week’s discussions was about who access SNS and blogs.  As for SNS they are all in some form of competition for the most users on their sites.  Although they try to have a different look and atmosphere, at the end of the day they all still offer the same type of service.  One article even broke it down to the amount of advertisements that is being shown on these sites.  I paid attention to these things but not really.  It can be a little distracting but if you have a purpose of being on the SNS those advertisements won’t bother you.  We also discussed blogging in great detail.  Blogging is another form of expressing your thoughts to the world about random topics.  For the most part the millennial age groups seemed to be the most interested in this at one point in time until SNS sites took over.  Once that happen now, people are flocking more to what seems to be more interesting, reading people status changes, and putting one up yourself.

Another thing that struck me about this discussion was how people utilize SNS at the work place.  Although I don’t completely agree with this because technology has soared to such a level that you can access these sites on your phone.  I did some research and stumbled upon an article that discussed social networking at the work place and the pros and cons.  This article basically talked about the growth of SNS and how so many people not only have access to the internet and SNS, but are apart of more than one site.  Employees of companies are accessing the internet for hours at a time to check personal email, facebook, twitter etc, and spending less time on actual “wok” activities.  I can see where this may frustrate an employer.  Not to play devils advocate but you can utilize those services on a lunch break or during a time where it doesn’t interfere with work.  Although employers have been a little on the negative side about this issue, research suggest that businesses are now starting to appreciate that social networking has its advantages, and there are many companies that have adopted social networking as another vehicle to gain better presence online and a wider audience.

In a nutshell I think SNS are going to continue to grow and blossom over time.  I think regardless of where an individual is they will do what they need to do to access the SNS that they need at any given time.  SNS have become apart of our everyday culture and it seems like its almost an necessity to survive at least that’s what I have heard from individuals that “tweet.”

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