My perspective on Week 2…

The readings were a combination of some technical jargon, history and a modernized discussion of the technologies use. The first part of the readings which captured my mind, other than the history aspect, was the discussion of SixDegrees in the Boyd and Ellison article. I was unaware of the early beginning of the social network boom and as the designer believes the site was just a little bit too modern for it’s time. to understand hos something really works it is important to evaluate the history so this was a good angle to look at I believe.

I felt the article which most captures my imagination was An Introduction to Technologies Commonly Used by College Students. This article offered a different perspective and one which is a practical discussion. My knowledge was enhanced by the analysis of demographics in regards to social media and technology. It is good to hear that males and females are at a similar access level and although there is a difference in the reasons and approaches, the access is what is important. Another point I noted is that younger children who use the internet are typically from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. I believe the main reasons for this is that children who grow up in higher socioeconomic families typically have more outside interests, and opportunities to partake in extracurricular activities not involving the computer. In essence I believe the internet and computers in general are used as a babysitter for some children, the same way as television is in many cases with younger children. My concern is does this lack of verbal social interaction hamper the child as they progress into the adult and working world?

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