Engaging with Twitter

After last week’s reading and subsequent discussion about Twitter, it got me thinking on how people use Twitter to engage with their audience (or friends or general public). The sentiment of Twitter users regarding their ability to give up Twitter entirely, seemed to suggest to some classmates that this means Twitter users aren’t engaged with one another, but I beg to differ.

In my experience with Twitter, the users I tend to follow are very open to new technology and gadgetry. I think they would be able to adapt to a new social network quite quickly and they may find a replacement for Twitter rather than leaving social networks behind entirely. However, I have encountered Twitter Friends who have attempted to quit Twitter cold turkey and were unable to do so successfully. Many have returned to Twitter full force!

There was also some discussion on not feeling entirely connected to their Twitter Friends and Followers. If you feel disconnected to your social network, I would tend to believe that you’re not initiating discussions, following people with similar interests or you may want to participate more. Are you @ing people who have tweeted something you found interesting? Are you retweeting useful websites/articles/funny things to continue the process of sharing? Are you using the Twitter search feature to find people with similar hobbies/jobs/communities as you? Are you sharing real information or just tweeting to tweet?

There are many different niches within Twitter and sometimes it takes a little longer to find ones niche. But if you’re not actively tweeting, your niche won’t find you. I think once you’ve been tweeting for a while, and really go into it with an open mind, you will find it incredibly useful and engaging. As the weeks go on for class, I think we”ll find more examples of ways to engage our audiences as well.

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