Welcome to the LART 698: Social Media in Higher Education course blog

This course will provide an overview of the role of social media (such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, youTube, etc.) in higher education. We will use a research-based focus to explore issues such as the relationship between technology use and psychosocial and educational outcomes, digital inequalities in technology use, information quality (including information overload), and issues of civil discourse. With the professor’s guidance, students will explore quantitative research on how technology can aid and detract from the college experience with the ultimate goal of being able to describe, design, and evaluate strategies for effective uses of social media in a higher education setting. Students will be expected to challenge each other and the professor based on their critical examinations of course readings, interpersonal, and intrapersonal reflection. Furthermore, students will engage in a hands-on approach and use social media in order to communicate with each other and participate in online communities of practice.

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About reyjunco

I’m Reynol Junco, a college professor and researcher who studies how social media use affects college students. I’m particularly interested in using quantitative methods to assess the effects of social media on student development, engagement, and success.